Taken 2

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In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.

Director: Olivier Megaton

Writers: Luc Besson (screenplay), Robert Mark Kamen (screenplay)

Stars: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace

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The Dark Knight Rises

Download the exclusive “The Dark Knight Rises” app for Nokia Lumia http://nokia.ly/DKRapp – Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. In theaters July 20.

Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar(R) winner Christian Bale (“The Fighter”) again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy, as Bane; Oscar(R) winner Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”), as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as John Blake.

Returning to the main cast, Oscar(R) winner Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) plays Alfred; Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon; and Oscar(R) winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) reprises the role of Lucius Fox.

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Too tall, too skinny, too short, too fast! This may sound like an inventory you’d hear on the playground but is not it the same tape many adults have operating of their heads? Chances are, most adults have carried not less than one among these internal taunts round since they had been children. And your kids may be hearing the same taunts. How can you stop it? In this text you’ll discover ways to make youngsters love their differences.

Let’s meet Chris.

Chris is a ten yr-old boy. It’s the second week of college and Eddie is pestering him at recess.

“You’re so brief you do not exist.”

“What?” Chris says.

“You heard me,” Eddie says. “You’re so short worms look down on you.”

Chris is dazed. As he walks away, Eddie’s laughter follows him.

Later at home Chris tells Mom what occurred.

“Well, one factor’s for positive,” Mom says. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“But Mom, Eddie’s proper. I’m the shortest child in my class.”

“Listen, Chris. I do not know why Eddie was impolite at present, however it’s not your peak.”

“But I’m brief.”

“Everyone grows at totally different rates. Anyway, it is our differences that make us price realizing.”

“But it will not matter if I’m so short I do not exist.”

“Right. But you do exist and look at all the issues you are able to do: Cross your eyes, burp your name, ride a horse, dance the Fandango…”

“Yeah. But I’m nonetheless brief.”

“Well, what can you do right now that you simply will not be able to do once you’re taller?”

“I can hide in my toy chest when you need me to do chores.”

“Or crawl beneath the automotive to assist me change the oil.”

“I can stretch full out on the couch ready for the varsity bus.”

“And slip by means of the crack within the college wall while you’re running late.”

“Okay, okay,” Chris says. “But that won’t help after I’m older.”

“Don’t worry about once you’re older. Enjoy yourself as you might be.”

“But what about Eddie?”

“If he retains bothering you tell him to cease. If he would not I’ll discuss to his mother and father. But remember. People tease one another when they damage inside. It’s not about you. You’re terrific and also you all the time might be.”


Model Self-Acceptance:
Guess who your youngsters suppose is a hero? You. For one thing, you’re an adult. For another factor, you could have the power to take care of them and the authority to show them tips on how to care for themselves. They might not always present it, but deep down they look for your approval. Be a hero and teach your children to like themselves by loving yourself.

Celebrate Differences:
Help children settle for themselves and their variations. In our story, Chris is frightened about his height. Mom reveals Chris that his top is an asset. But she stresses that Chris should settle for himself it doesn’t matter what. List a few of your youngsters’ property. Focus on traits which might be unusual. Celebrate their variations and talk them up when they’re feeling low.

Be Happy:
Help your children be comfortable and focus on finding pleasure in themselves and others. Real magnificence comes from inside. How your children feel about themselves is far more vital than their physique form, coloration, measurement, or capability. Find ways to help your children really feel great about themselves and every part else will fall into place.


Up until lately there was nothing to do in Monroe, New York. The movie theater was the place to be as a result of Wal-Mart kicks you out at 3am. And since this is a company theater chain we’re coping with you possibly can imagine the great experiences folks endure when going to see a film there. When you hear visitor lecturers or business experts on television discuss about the lack of a human touch in companies they weren’t excessive once they mentioned that.

For those of you who do not have a corporate movie theater chain close to you, or those clever enough to avoid these theaters from the start, let me tell you in regards to the problems the rest of us should deal with. This particular chain has raised ticket costs over the previous few years quietly while complaining publicly within the enterprise part that movie attendance is declining. Right now it’s as much as $10 to see a movie. Considering that you simply’re bombarded with wall-to-wall commercials for non-film related merchandise, and commercials that make you yearn for the return of Pauley Shore, I suppose it’s honest to argue that something approaching $6.00 for a ticket equates to shopper rape.

Before you even get to the theater you run into ads. They’re on the front door of the mall entrance, and the advertisements are in your face while you step contained in the theater courtesy of those new plasma screens hanging across the lobby. If you’ll find your method out of the zombie-like trance the screens induce you may discover a conveniently positioned concession stand. A concession stand that has popcorn sitting there from before the Earth cooled. And if that wasn’t bad enough the theater sells overpriced candy and meals you can have gotten at one of the different stores within the mall. The downside is the theater decided you could not bring in exterior meals and drinks with you to see a movie. Nice huh? Not solely do they get you for $10, but now if you wish to eat you must smuggle meals in like a cocaine mule. And that meals the theater serves is not any walk in the park. Between you and me, one of those value meals will send you into the toilet twenty minutes into the movie with Montezuma’s revenge.

This chain expanded with 10 new theaters in the downstairs. All of the brand new and allegedly improved theaters are smaller by way of display dimension, theater measurement, and have those chairs that rock when you lean again in them. Imagine my enjoyment when I must wedge my 6′ 4″ frame between these seats, and a few bald headed schmuck who thinks he is Steve Austin leans again and takes away my quarter inch of leg room. Once paralysis units in you begin to notice local advertising on display and canned music from the company report label. It was that you simply got here in and they go proper to the trailers for upcoming films. Now they started working commercials which you can see totally free on television just like the silly denims industrial with the guy driving his 70’s muscle automotive like a promenade date.

Then there may be everybody’s favorite, the Fandango commercials. I HATE Fandango. I swear to god that the subsequent particular person I see who laughs on the Fandango business is getting smacked within the face with a piece of dry wall. Those Fandango commercials are usually not funny. Just purchase the fricking tickets in particular person! If you know the movie goes to be bought out get the tickets a number of days in advance. Problem solved. The extra individuals steer clear of Fandango the extra doubtless they may stop airing these mind-numbingly lame commercials. After about ten minutes of this cavalcade of crap you think they’ll show the trailers however then they hit you with this anal leakage inducing “Inconsiderate cellphone man” advert. Why could not they go with a ten-second slide saying “Please flip your cell phone off” followed by one other that says, “If you don’t, you will be crushed to loss of life by the woman sitting subsequent to you”?

I like how the ranking system is completely enforced at these chains, too. I went to see Bad Boys II and so they checked my ID after I purchased the tickets, and once more once I reentered the theater after a rest room break to get razor blades. As I was on the brink of finish my life I overheard an usher kicking out a seventeen yr old simply as a child was crying contained in the theater. I want somebody to clarify to me how a child and different small children are allowed into the theater with their dad and mom when some seventeen year old cannot get in to see the movie. Maybe I should not query these individuals; in spite of everything they gave us Fandango puppets made out of brown paper luggage. Which if you ask me is an act of company thrift. I could be lighting dog turds in these paper luggage!

After seeing some of these new film trailers that seem like a chimp took a dump and smeared it on a roll of film, my legs and back feeling like I was in a automotive wreck, and the incredibly bad movie that made me wish I had killed myself, you then stumble out of the theater blurry-eyed and agitated. As if this experience was not unhealthy enough, as you permit the theater they have some loser handing out free candy or flyers selling some inane product. It’s not until you get to your automobile, which is either banged up or stolen depending on what the local wildlife felt like doing, that you’re free from the grip of theater and this nightmarish expertise. Why could not they pay this guy to observe my automotive? I must be allowed to take the candy and provides him one swift kick to the nuts. Because that is the closest thing I’m attending to a refund. If I had been you I would find a nice local theater near you and begin investing your cash there. Support the local economic system and stop giving cash to those corporate chain wods.

The ALL STAR ROCK TOUR arrives at Progress Energy Center’s Mahaffey Theater this Saturday June 4th in St Petersburg.

The present features eighty’s hit makers -Larry Hoppen of Orleans (“Dance with Me” “Still the One”), Joe Lynn Turner (Frontman for Fandango, Rainbow & Deep Purple), John Cafferty (“On the Dark Side”), John Ford Coley(“Love is the Answer,” “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”) and Robbie Dupree (“Steal Away”).

Joe and I bought to talk on Thursday. Here’s my interview with legendary singer/songwriter and really nice guy- Joe Lynn Turner. (And Joe, thank you for entertaining our troops in Iraq.)

These All Star-kind excursions that host quite a lot of legendary performers on one single invoice actually are superior since you get to see the perfect of the perfect and it brings again so many reminiscences.

“Yea, I like these contact excursions because there’s so many great people you need to see and you may’t go to every single concert so that you go to one and you see all of them.”

Fandango was an amazing band. And I guess it was your first glimpse of the massive time; the band grew to become the supporting act for bands like The Allman Brothers, The Beach Boys and Chicago?

“Yea, we actually did. I imply it did not go as far as we expected it to go. There was plenty of politics concerned. It was all that 5 half concord stuff. The musicianship was wonderful, the writing was superb. And of course the story may be very simple, screwed over by the manager, and the producer, and the record corporations. And that’s it, a really typical rock story.”

When I interviewed Eric Burdon, he said to “To name the music enterprise an “industry” is a stretch. The rock biz is the low end of the creative world.”

“I think Hunter S Thompson coined it greatest in Fear & Loathing, he mentioned, “The music enterprise is a merciless and shallow cash trench, a protracted plastic hallway the place thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s additionally a adverse aspect.” ”

You played guitar when you were with Fandango do you play guitar on any recent tracks?

“Maybe on the new file, however I try to not because of all of the amazing guitar players that I’ve played with. It’s form of tough to mess around guys just like the Blackmore’s as a result of these guys are ridiculous, these guys are mentors. So it’s not one thing I’m dying to do. I’m getting into more of the business sides of things now. But I’ve at all times loved the guitar; it is all the time been my past love. I’ve got about forty vintage guitars.”

I watched an interview that you just did on YouTube from Living Legend Music, and also you talked about how surprised you had been when guitarist Ritchie Blackmore known as you to audition together with his band Rainbow. I thought it was very humorous because you didn’t think it was really him?”

“I mean, you recognize, who would? I thought it was my pals putting me on really. They’d do stuff like that. I’d say, okay come on. And then he’d say no it is really me. And I’d say sure, what do need? He’d say, properly there’s an audition and we would such as you to come back down. Then I stated, okay I’m going to do this but you’d better be there or I’m going to kick somebody’s ass.”

I’d always heard that Ritchie Blackmore was a troublesome character to take care of and it appeared like you developed a rapport with him early on?

“It’s really something special about it, even to this day. Ritchie had been a great defender of mine. He’s at all times backed me up on 90% of issues anyway. And it is really particular to me. But I suppose it’s as a result of we each sought perfection and we each sought nice music. We weren’t going to be diverted in any way. If there were disagreements we all the time came back as mates and got closer after that.”

I wasn’t aware that there was a lot friction between Ritchie Blackmore and unique Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan?

“He hated Ian. Just out and out… can’t stand the man.”

Was Cozy Powell in Rainbow when you have been within the band?

“Cozy had simply left Rainbow and Bobby Rondinelli had just are available in and so I was rehearsing with Bobby Rondinelli and that’s how that happened. But I had met Cozy a number of occasions after which after all his terrible automobile accident. He was a great guy.”

Ritchie Blackmore had fired everyone then earlier than you got to Rainbow?

Blackmore wished new blood. He’s like a vampire.

Later you released your first solo album called Rescue You produced by the genius of Roy Thomas Baker, especially noted for his works with Queen and The Cars.

“I was speculated to be the new kid in town in response to Elektra. Great album, effectively produced sounds nice, however by the point we received completed, Roy spending all the money, and I mean some huge cash, and not simply on the report but on lifestyles and things like that. But they only checked out me and stated there’s no money to promote this factor. And I said what do mean? He had this big finances and he went way over the top and received fired from Elektra and it was a giant mess. But the file is such an excellent file. I’m pleased with that record.”

Are you going to be enjoying some songs from your Solo efforts at the concert?

“No, strictly Rainbow and Purple stuff. People are more accustomed to those songs.”

“Stone Cold” was an enormous hit once you have been in Rainbow?

“Yea it went AOR top 10. We’ll be taking part in that tune on the show. But on the same time we acquired shunned by certain people for going business. But that was our plan, we wished to go industrial, we wished to sell data. And we bought more information than any model of Rainbow. So it’s to our credit actually. Everybody was going business at that time. I don’t care if it was Judas Priest or Def Leppard, everyone was going, and so you realize what, we went too. I don’t know why folks have been so hung up on the word Commercial. Commercial means millions of people like it and you can proceed your career.”

What was it like to be the frontman of Deep Purple?

Well, I took a whole lot of crap at first. But the album (Slaves & Masters) was a very strong album, it spoke for itself. And I suppose we finally won these folks over, and then there was a descent within the band with Jon and Ian and so they needed to get Gillan again in and Ritchie didn’t wish to have it in any respect, so the rest is historical past. He did a record with Gillan and then stop the band.”

Was it the Brits that weren’t happy with you in Deep Purple as a result of maybe you have been an American?

“It was the Deep Purple fan membership president, and this guy was simply happening about that we’d like Gillan within the band to be Purple and Ritchie hates Gillan. Now yr’s later people realize that Slaves & Masters was one solid album and better than a variety of the other albums that came after it. People acted emotionally and did not really sit and pay attention.”

So many lead singers are losing their trademark voice and simply do not sound the identical anymore. But remarkably you sound the identical manner that you did with Rainbow and Purple. I’m guessing you do not smoke cigarettes?

“I don’t smoke cigarettes and I attempt to work out and go to the gymnasium, attempt to eat organic foods, you recognize.”

Joe, you are concerned in so many projects; it is exhausting to keep up with you these days. You were involved with the Voices of Classic Rock, Classic Rock Cares/John Entwhistle Foundation and appeared with Sarasota’s own Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams of AC/ DC, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad and Steve Luongo of The John Entwhistle Band.

“I just noticed Brian Johnson the opposite evening. He came up to New York to do a guide signing as a result of he’s bought a book out about racing automobiles, that is what he likes to do. Anyway he was here for a few week doing promos and Sunday night time he was off so we all went out to dinner and whooped it up a little bit. Now he is in England with the grandchildren. So he’ll be back in about 4 or 5 weeks.

Did you hear about what occurred to Brian when he took half within the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race? He was taking a observe spin across the observe when the steering wheel came off in his palms.

“Yea, he said one thing about that, he freaked out.”

You’ve worked with so many gifted artists over the years however you at all times seem to reconnect with Deep Purple alumni, like working with Glenn Hughes and the Hughes/Turner Project.

“That’s right I’ve worked with Glenn quite a bit. We did a few data, writing a whole lot of songs, stuff like that. We had a great run.

Yea, he is also carried out effectively with Black Country Communion.

“Apparently so, yea Joe Bonamassa, I’ve written with Joe on two or three of my first solo albums. I knew he was going to be an enormous star; he was only a kid then. Joe’s sensible! And I additionally labored with Jason before he had the Bonham band.”

I suppose a lot of people do not realize how onerous it’s to reside your life-style. Most solely think about the glamour of it all. I really don’t understand how you guys can travel the way in which you do all over the globe. I’d be exhausted on a regular basis from the jet lag.

“I do not receives a commission to sing, I receives a commission to travel. I actually do. I do numerous worldwide journey. 12-thirteen hour flights, throughout Russia, all over Japan, you title it.”

And you’ve got to worry continually about holding your voice in shape. Anyone can choose up an instrument and play it however for those who get a chilly or one thing you are basically screwed.

“That’s why we’re all Divas. It’s true we’re tremendous Divas. The voice is fragile, you may play the guitar drunk and hung over but you’ll be able to’t sing like that.”

Lately, I know that you have labored with Norwegian bassist Jan Holberg (The Jan Holberg Project). But earlier than we wrap up this interview, I’d similar to to say thanks first for entertaining our troops with your band BIG NOISE in Iraq throughout 2008. I enjoyed the pictures in your MySpace web site and notably favored the one of many band holding computerized weapons.

“It was nice, I’d like to see a lead story line about our Iraq journey; it definitely was a life altering expertise. Thanks Ray.”

I wish to also thank Lisa Walker from the Spectra All Star Rock Tour for hooking me up with Joe Lynn Turner.

You know the world’s the wrong way up when you have to cast a wary at popcorn. Popcorn! What on this planet may very well be incorrect with good outdated popcorn?

Well, they’ve gone and messed with it, that’s what. It’s not the simple, innocent, household deal with of yesteryear.

First off, corn ranks number two in genetically-modified foods. (Soy is first.) They’ll tell you they monkey with it to make it better, but when you consider that, be ready to pay up for a bridge in Brooklyn, too.

The extra they genetically modify corn, the more people change into delicate to it. Sensitive in the sense it makes their gastrointestinal system do the fandango. Lots and plenty of folks make it a high priority to keep away from corn-which is hard to do because it’s just about in every single place. A few days of the gastro fandango helps them to remember to read labels, although.

Since GMO appeared on the scene not so long ago, we do not know if all this fandangoing is so far as the issues go. But it isn’t wanting good.

Feeding GMO corn to rats causes genetic damage. The offspring of the GMO-fed rats get hit even worse, and the grandchildren of the GMO-fed rats are sterile. Now, rats should not individuals, but these findings do not create comfortable ideas in my noggin.

But, wait, there’s extra!

Most of at present’s popcorn will get nuked within the microwave. Well, it is a fact you’ll be able to’t just throw a handful of kernels within the microwave and zap them for a minute or two. No, popcorn is useful-dandy baggage-together with some chemical substances.

First, the bag’s lining accommodates perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which has hyperlinks to human infertility. PFOA accumulates in your body 12 months after yr, and it seems it may incite some cancers-liver, pancreatic and testicular.

Some companies say they’re going to voluntarily part PFOA out by 2015, however that is many thousands and thousands of baggage of popcorn away. With no assure.

Then there’s the artificial diacetyl that offers microwave popcorn its buttery flavor. One enthusiastic popcorn eater-with a sixteen-year dependancy-made the information recently as a result of she has everlasting lung harm and may require a lung transplant.

Workers in diacetyl-laden microwave popcorn factories also endure untreatable lung harm. And zapping the popcorn at dwelling raises the diacetyl levels in your own home to manufacturing facility ranges. Some enjoyable, eh?

The U.S. authorities has issued no warnings or orders on using diacetyl.

And let’s not overlook the partially hydrogenated oils-transfats-listed on the label. Transfats trigger irritation, and irritation causes major body breakdowns. Heart assaults, for one occasion.

Does all this mean you possibly can by no means eat popcorn again? No. Just do it proper.

Buy non-GMO popcorn kernels. If the label doesn’t say ‘non-GMO,’ put the bag again on the shelf and walk rapidly away. Don’t know what to look for? Do an internet search, if to not purchase, no less than to learn brand names.

A heavy, forged iron pot requires no oil. Otherwise, you will need something to keep the popcorn from sticking to the pan.

Cooking popcorn in butter requires a deft hand as a result of butter tends to burn, producing unappetizing, blackish popcorn. Coconut oil does a body good, however it makes popcorn taste slightly funky-until you like coconut-flavored popcorn. Palm oil’s good, too, but hard to find; use just a little. Grape seed or walnut oil ought to work, but I have not tried them. But skip the vegetable oils; they’re all bad for you.

Do you think we are able to ever go back to the times when easy things like enjoying some popcorn do not turn into a big, sophisticated deals? Snacking should not require a school degree in science.

But, you know, every drawback consists of an opportunity, and this mess creates a wonderful advertising opportunity for any popcorn company that wishes to do it proper. And it additionally presents us with the chance to let popcorn firms know what’s proper and good.

We all work very hard and deserve some time to unwind and loosen up doing the issues we get pleasure from. In these trying financial occasions though, many people are discovering it difficult to put aside some funds for leisure. Of course the basic needs of your loved ones take larger priority so who can argue with entertainment expenses taking a backseat. What many individuals don’t understand nevertheless, is that there are a great deal of entertainment choices that may be very economical. Here are just a few of these options.

First off, studying is a wonderful leisure and entertainment exercise. Whether you’re into fiction novels, historical past, present occasions, sports activities or anything, there are sure to be multiple publications devoted to that matter. A variety of these are available freely on the internet akin to news websites and blogs. If you’re a fan of print magazines, you possibly can search on-line for coupon codes that will will let you get a yearly subscription to your favorite magazines for as little as 4 dollars. If you like curling up with a ebook, your native library is a good place to find among the classics and in addition the newer choices you could take dwelling for no value. Most bookstores lately cost nothing so that you can read their books while within the retailer. There are low cost bookstores everywhere that sell used books at deep reductions.

Many folks like to go out to the flicks frequently, and drastically enjoy that form of entertainment. Ticket prices for brand spanking new movies have been steadily climbing over the previous few years and have lately change into approach too prohibitive for regular outings. Still there is something about watching the latest flick on a big display that’s enchanting. One approach to save cash here is to plan your day differently so you can make the matinee showing of the film somewhat than the night. Typically, the afternoon shows are half the cost of the evening so it can save you quite a bit just by doing that.

Another method is to search for offers online that offer a ‘purchase one get one free ticket’. These are posted quite often on sites reminiscent of Fandango and you can take advantage of them. Also, in case you happen to have certain bank cards, you may check the bank’s website to see if they’ve any promotion being provided for these card holders with Fandango. If you can settle for waiting a couple of weeks till the newest films are no longer in the theatres, you’ll be able to rent them from services like the Redbox for a very low day by day rental rate. Online streaming or membership providers are also a fantastic choice for avid film watchers.

With only a bit more planning and a few endurance you can find great deals on these entertainment choices so you don’t have to give up on it fully.